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Silver Lake 66’s music is what I call “elegant simplicity,” i.e. the real McCoy . . . Simply put, Let Go Or Be Dragged is one of the better albums I have had the opportunity to review.”

— Randy Radic, Huffington Post

The joy in records like this is finding a true grass roots voice, something Silver Lake 66 has in spades . . . This is music for cold nights and warm whiskey.”

— Joe McSpadden, No Depression

. . . these two are the real deal, and it's their sweet harmonies that mesh the entirety of their sound together.”

— Jonathan Frahm, For Folk's Sake

Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo define modern Americana with Silver Lake 66. Hailing from the Midwest, the power couple’s travels have seen them to Los Angeles and now Portland as they continue their musical adventures. More recently, the duo has been gaining incredible traction following the August 2016 release of their debut album, Let Go Or Be Dragged

With a winning amalgamation of classic country, folk and blues, their songs have been hailed by numerous publications and radio stations. It’s no wonder, either, given their knack for authentic, heartstring-tugging songwriting, impeccable harmonies and ardent guitar-playing. 

The Huffington Post’s Randy Radic describes Silver Lake 66’s music as “elegant simplicity” and “the real McCoy.” For Folk’s Sake’s Jonathan Frahm calls the duo “the real deal” and highlights their “sweet harmonies that mesh the entirety of their sound together.” 

Let go or be dragged has received airplay from over 55 radio stations throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. The album hit #19 on the Roots Music Report’s album chart, and the song “San Francisco Angel” reached #18 on its singles chart.  

Silver Lake 66 are one electrifying Americana duo to keep an eye on. Make sure to catch them on tour when they hit your city!

Bio Credit: Jonathan Frahm

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We are hitting the road in March- 

We have the west coast shows booked for the Pre-release tour!  We start out in Portland and end up in LA.  We are so excited!!  We would love to see you.Ragged Heart Tour

New album due out in April 2019! 

We have been working hard on a new album featuring 10 new songs! We can't wait to get it out into the world! We have recorded basic tracks at Dead Aunt Thelma's in Portland, mixed at Dream Tree Studios Northwest and had it mastered at Peerless Mastering in Boston.  It sounds incredible.