• “Simply put, Let Go Or Be Dragged is one of the better albums I have had the opportunity to review. If you enjoy pure country music, the kind Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings used to produce, you’ll find Silver Lake 66 particularly comely.” - Randy Radic, Huffington Post. Click here to read full review
  • “This release, a dozen well-crafted songs arranged and produced with the focus locked in on honest depictions of human struggles and simple joys, reminds us that to be flawed is to be human, and to struggle is an honorable thing . . . Overbo and Francis self-produced and independently released this collection of original compositions. The joy in records like this is finding a true grass roots voice, something Silver Lake 66 has in spades. Although these are new tunes it is easy to see these songs were years in the making. This is music for cold nights and warm whiskey. In the wee hours this album will ask you to question the price you have paid for your journey. Silver Lake 66 would tell you it was worth the cost; the Devil be damned.”  - Joe McSpadden, No Depression. Click here to read full review 
  • “ Based on the influences of legacy acts like Lucinda Williams and The Band, the duo consisting of Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo rely heavily upon traditional staples of country and folk music to get the job done. . .these two are the real deal, and it’s their sweet harmonies that mesh the entirety of their sound together. . .They  follow a vocally-driven roots rock sound evocative of many other popular groups of the modern folk era, from Shovels & Rope to Shakey Graves & Esme Patterson, and do so with a vested pride that elevates them to very nearly the level of those aforementioned megatons straight out of the gate." – Jonathan Frahm, For Folk’s Sake. Click here to read full review 
  • "Silver Lake 66’s music is what I call “elegant simplicity,” i.e. the real McCoy. The kind of music that harks back to George Jones, Patsy Cline and Hank Williams, completely unlike the mechanical and predictable tripe that passes for country western nowadays." -Randy Radic, Huffington Post. (Interview with Maria and Jeff)  Click here to read full interview
  • "The song “Devil’s Looking For Me” and the album that it comes from, the aptly named Let Go or Be Dragged, feel like the perfect creative culmination of their life experiences. While Francis jokes, “We may be late bloomers,” it seems more like the type of well-worn sound that is earned through time and trouble." -Kelsey Greco, Vortex Magazine.  Click here to read story and see video premier
  •  “The album is a collection of classic, good ole fashioned Americana songs which tell the stories of life, love, loss, travel and adversity. The heart and soul infused into each track will grab you and leave you listening to the end.” –Mid Tennessee Music, Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman Click here to read full review
  • “Soulful and twang-filled, Silver Lake 66 offer a rollicking, satisfying version of Americana on Let Go Or Be Dragged, their debut release. It's just the latest point in a long and rejuvenated career.” -Anya M. Wassenberg's Blog: Art & Culture Maven Click here to read full review
  • “Listening to Let Go Or Be Dragged . . . , you can feel the authenticity. There’s no glitz and glamour. There’s no making the song sound a certain way just so it can get airplay. It’s just pure music from the heart. That mind aspect probably came from Jeff and Maria touring, recording, and playing for so many years. Music is something natural to them, and that’s the best kind of music.” –Melanie Gomez, Click here to read full review
  • “The Portland-by-way-of-Minneapolis-via-Los Angeles group has taken the long road, overcoming the real life obstacles of age and illness and emerging with one of this year’s finest albums, titled Let Go Or Be Dragged”.  That Much Further West Podcast   Click to hear podcast
  •  “The effortless combination of Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo meshes together to form a signature and connecting sound within their music . . . The overall style of their songwriting definitely alludes to traditional country and Americana standards, but with a soulful and modern twist in the present." -The Music Court Click here to read full review
  • “Throughout the entire album both artists combine their voices in this calm and satisfying duet, neither of them overpowering each other. The lyrics on the album reek of love and love, trials and suffering, and the beauty of life. It’s simple and direct which makes it very relatable and down to earth for listeners/reviewers. The whole album is very soul touching thanks to the sound being so clear and in a sense mournful.” -Kristen Calderoni, Audible Addixion  Click here to read full review
  • “Home, loss, love, pain, triumph—a regular part of life and the inspiration behind Silver Lake 66s’ very aptly named “Let Go Or Be Dragged.”  Melancholic yet hopeful, this country album (featuring significant hints of blues) makes for a realistically inspirational listen. . .” -RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine   Click here to read full review
  • “While Silver Lake 66 take inspiration from the time-tested greats of their chosen classic genres, the Portland couple do their best to keep it real, crafting each and every one of their songs with a deeply creative, personal touch, and a genuine, straight-from-the-heart message.”  –Lawrence, GoodMoMusic Click here to read full review
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